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  • How do I remove nail tip hair extensions?

    1. Don't try to remove several hair extensions at once. You'll be able to remove hair extensions much more easily and safely if you work slowly and diligently. Olive oil will help break down and loosen the adhesive. If you're having trouble loosening the bond, apply heat with a hairdryer.2. Isolate 1 keratin bonded hair [...] Continue Reading
  • What Are u-Tip/Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

    What Are u-Tip/Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Hair Extensions? When considering what type of hair extensions you are going to have fitted, one hurdle that many find they come up against is all of the industry terminology that can be confusing and make looking for the right hair extension method a difficult process. Here we shall take [...] Continue Reading
  • How many kinds of hair?

    There are five basic types: nail hair (also known as hair keratin, hair clips, hair curtain), viscose hair, woven. The five ways of the knitting technology of each one has his good points, newer, more natural. Basically, each connection can be maintained for three to six months. The types of subdivision are: 100% human hair [...] Continue Reading
  • Why choose super remy hair

    Why choose super remy hair We are manufacturer of 100% virgin human hair, and supplier of lots of Famous salon in USA, UK, Canada, and lots of africa countries like south africa, Zambia, Ghana, kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo, Gabon,Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Ethiopia, etc. We are specialized in Brazilian hair, [...] Continue Reading
  • Pros and Cons of Human Hair Extension and Synthetic Hair Extension

    Pros and Cons of Human Hair Extension and Synthetic Hair Extension In receiving hair extension service, human hair and synthetic hair are most popular in the hair salons. If properly applied, both kinds of hair extensions can give you the beautiful look you have ever dreamed of. But synthetic and human hair extensions have their […]

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  • How to Make Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions

    How to Make Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions Things You’ll Need: Wax paper Scissors Keratin glue sticks Hair weft Ruler Fusion finger guards Melting pot Heating tool If you want human hair extensions but can’t find any in the specific color or length that you need since it’s hard to find them over 22 inches long, you […]

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  • Come to Know More about Human Hair Extensions

    Come to Know More about Human Hair Extensions Recently, more and more people, especially the young, start to pay more attention to their appearance and style. They care about the style, the feature, the dress, and even the hair style. It seems that the stylish hair style has become a symbol of fashion for the […]

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