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Super Remy Hair is a professional factory on hair products for white people that uses the highest quality remy hair as a raw material to ensure the topest quality of our products.
We have been working hard to develop a variety of new hair products to meet the needs of different customers.
We guarantee that every production process is strictly controlled to meet the quality standards of our customers with the highest quality products.
We accept customization services please choose the hair products what you need.

Tape In Hair Extensions

✓ Thin, silicone band.
✓ It is very soft,can be freely washed and rewear.
✓ Comes in 14″ and 30″ lengths.
✓ Choose from 40+ colors.

PreBonded Hair Extensions

✓ Stick(I) shape, nail(U) shape,V shape, and flat shape
✓ The standard 0.5g /strand, 0.7g /strand, 0.8g /strand, 1.0g /strand
✓ Comes in 14″to 30″ lengths
✓ Choose from 40+ colors

Human Hair Weft

✓ Offer the finest quality of Machine wefted hair.
✓ Usually packing: 100g /piece, 120g /piece, 150g /piece
✓ Comes in 14″to 30″ lengths
✓ Choose from 40+ colors

Loop Hair Extensions

✓ The latest innovation in hair extension technology.
✓ Usually 0.5g/strand,0.7g/strand,0.8g/stand,1g/strand
✓ Comes in 14″to 30″ lengths
✓ Choose from 40+ colors

Clip In Hair Extensions

✓ Easily cover a full head.
✓ For customers who do not want to spend a lot of time to clip in several hair pieces one by one,
✓ Comes in 14″to 30″ lengths
✓ Choose from 40+ colors

Nano Hair Extensions

✓ Cut your fitting time in half with this amazing new product !
✓ Usually 0.5g/strand,0.7g/strand,0.8g/stand,1g/strand
✓ Comes in 14″to 30″ lengths
✓ Choose from 40+ colors

Mens Toupee

✓ It feels the most comfortable to wear
✓ You will hardly feel it when you wear it.
✓ All the front part uses the v-looped technology
✓ After wearing it, your hair is very natural and real

Halo Hair Extension

✓ Cut your fitting time in half with this amazing new product !
✓ Best suited for thin to medium hair types
✓ Comes in 14″to 30″ lengths
✓ Choose from 40+ colors

6D Hair Extensions

✓ The manufacturing process of aerospace grade
✓ Leading design, advanced manufacturing equipment, ensure the success rate of sending
✓ Receiving 100% authority evaluation
✓ The most innovative design, the commercial value of the machine manual

Human Hair Bulk

✓ Hot selling virgin human hair bulk,
✓ Raw materials:100% Virgin Human Hair
✓ Minimum Oder:Accept sample order, No MOQ.
✓ No tangle, no shedding, a lot of hair bulk in stock!

Super Hair Extensions Brush

✓ The unique nylon loop bristles won’t cause pulling, snagging, or damage to your wefts.
✓ Glide through your hair extensions and remove tangles seamlessly with our Super Hair Extensions Brush.

Genius Weft Extensions

✓As thin as a hand-tied weft
✓ Can be cut
✓ With no shedding
✓ Has no return hairs that can irritate the scalp


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Super Remy Hair Extensions?

Quality Dependablecredit First

We believe in great products, great service, and transparency. We invite you to learn more about how our products are made: with love and care for our society and the environment.


They are affordable and cause absolutely NO damage to your own hair. You can have longer, thicker, and more beautiful hair than ever before, in just a matter of minutes!

Our Products & Customer Made?

√ 100% human hair extensions √ Best hair √ Virgin hair √ Chinese human hair √ Europe human hair √ Russia human hair √ Brazilian Human Hair √ Indian Human Hair √ Malaysian Human √ Peruvian Human Hair√ Remy hair √ Lace Front √ Wigs √ Body wave √ Blonde hair colours√ Clip-in hair extension √ Tape in hair extenions √ Human hair raw √ Mechine hair weft √ Human hair bulk √ Prebond hair extensions √ I tip hair extensions √ U tip hair extenions √ Flat tip hair extensions  √ 6D hair extensions

Production Process Of Super Remy Hair?
  • The first process of making hair is cutting hair: cutting hair is to cut long hair into the length needed for hair.
  • Collate hair: the two ends of the hair are all neat, the collate hair is put on the iron bar to mix the natural range and the standard length. If it is the color mixing, it is done by this process. The usual dark brown is the color 2/33, which is the mixture of No. 2 hair and 33 color hair. To be uniform, the color that comes out is natural.
  • Weighing: each hairpiece has a specified weight. The weighing is according to the instructions of the hair design, weighing the prescribed hair weight, and then with the rubber band tied up in reserve.
  • Row hair: the row hair machine usually has three heads and a glue box. Put the weighed hair in the row hair mechine to make hair weft. Finally, through the rubber wheel (which will roll the curtain on a layer of wig special glue), the hair curtain is very strong and the wig will not drop.
  • Curtains: the hair weft is very long, which will affect the operation of the next setting process, so the curtain is cut the length of the long hair curtain to not more than the length of the fixed aluminum tube.
  • 6.After treatment: before the hair from the carton are taken out directly, after the treatment is the hair cleaning, put into the wig special nursing solution soaked for 15 minutes, to handle a good silky hair feeling, and then dry water.
  • Modeling: cleaning and handling the hair of good handle can be molded, modeling according to the different styles of hairstyle used by the modeling tools are not the same, the general situation is aluminum tubes, aluminum tubes have big small, so that different sizes of the wig can be made.
  • Packing: well done hair can be packed.
    The same:the same method to make √ Lace Front √ Wigs √ Body wave √ Blonde hair colours√ Clip-in hair extension √ Tape in hair extenions √ Human hair raw √ Mechine hair weft √ Human hair bulk √ Prebond hair extensions √ I tip hair extensions √ U tip hair extenions √ Flat tip hair extensions  √ 6D hair extensions