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Super Remy Hair Products: Premium Quality and Versatility

At Super Remy Hair, we offer a diverse range of premium hair products designed to meet all your styling needs. Here’s an overview of our offerings:

100% Human Hair Raw Bulk

  • Length: Available in lengths from 6 to 36 inches, even up to 40 inches.
  • Quality: 100% un-dyed and unbleached natural Remy hair from China or India. Unremy hair also available.
  • Customization: Bleached and dyed 100% human hair (Remy or Unremy) in any color and size.

Human Hair Extensions

  • Types: Machine-made or hand-tied extensions.
  • Customization: Any style and color available. Natural, bleached, and colored options in both Remy and Unremy hair.
  • Packaging: Export-standard packaging to ensure product safety.

100% Human Hair Wigs

  • Types: Hand-knotted or machine-made wigs.
  • Quality: Made from 100% human hair for a natural look and feel.

Keratin and Pre-Bonded Hair

  • Variety: Available in various shapes and lengths, including curly styles.
  • Sources: Chinese or Indian hair, Remy or Unremy.
  • Colors: Natural, bleached, and dyed options.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • Range: Wide range of lengths and colors.
  • Quality: Chinese Remy or Indian Remy hair. Natural and bleached color options.

Men’s Toupees

  • Quality: 100% Chinese or Indian human hair.
  • Craftsmanship: Hand-made for a perfect fit and natural appearance.

Hair Extension Tools

  • Variety: Brushes, clips, color rings, glue, micro rings, irons, needles, and more.

For more information, visit our website at Discover the difference with Super Remy Hair – premium quality and versatile options for all your hair needs.