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You won’t believe your eyes when you take in your super remy Hair extensions!

They will instantly transform your natural hair into full, long, gorgeous “mermaid” locks! It only takes a few minutes to take them in, but the difference is tremendous!


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-100% human hair extensions


Taylor Vanyo

Had such an amazing experience with super remy hair extensions. The hair is great quality, super soft and natural looking! Holds all hair styles super well. I have a rough experience at a hair salon when i took mine in to get them trimmed shorter, they ended up cutting off 3-4inches of my extensions when i only wanted 1-2inches off, they cut was terrible and choppy I was super upset. The salon didn’t do anything for me besides offering me a free hair cut… so I emailed luxy and explain to them what happened wasn’t expecting much out of it i was just hoping to get a coupon code for my new set as I had to purchase a new set because the salon ruined mine and I had wanted them for Valentine’s day. Super Remy Hair gave me 20 dollars USD towards a new set of extensions and sent them out with express shipping to ensure I got them for Valentine’s day, I’ve never been more please with service before in my life… nothing to do with them but they still helped me out!! Excellent hair and excellent customer service!!

Tristanna Bickford

I bought these just for fun because it’s 100% money back guaranteed… And oh my gosh I can see why they have that gaurantee! I can’t believe how well the hair color blends with mine…it’s a perfect match! The hair is also easy to style. You really can’t beat the price for the quality of these…if you’re considering getting extensions or already use them…Super Remy Hair is a must try! Also, their customer service is top notch…which sadly seems to be a rare thing to find these days…so so so satisfied with my super remy hair and would totally recommend!

Lindsey Ann Davidson

I’ve been wearing extensions for over 8 years now, and super remy hair is by far the best brand I have tried. What I like most about my super remy hair is how long they last me. I’ve had other brands tell me that you will get “up to 6 months” with your extentions. After a few heatless styles and a wash they were all too far beyond repair. With my super remy hair s I’m not afraid to style them (and the tutorials online really help too!). I can throw some braids in, do a heatless wave, or even an updo with curls, and not have to worry about ruining my extensions. Outside of that, they are also the most versatile and comfortable extensions I have worn when it comes to styling!Thanks so much for your great product (and for all the online help as well!)

Gabby Bove

I’ve been watching super remy hair for a long time so I decided to try their extensions and right off the bat, their shipping is amazing. My extensions came two days after I had placed the order I was so shocked and pleased. They are very soft and thick, I haven’t yet curled them but so far they are great !

Kenia Bilbao

I’m absolutely happy with the level of customer service and support I’ve received from super remy hair. I recently dyed my hair dark and was confused about the color extensions that would suit me best. I received an email from super remy hair letting me know they could send 2 color samples to see which would color match me best. I ordered two colors but then realized I should have chosen something darker. I emailed to get it changed but since my order was already on it’s way one of the colors couldn’t be replaced for the one I wanted. Instead they chose to send me an additional color! Lucky me!! The colors I received were beautiful and I’m so impressed at the quality of the hair. I can’t wait to order my own set of super remy hair Extensions. Thanks super remy hair, you definitely won me over! I’ll review again in the future when I receive my very own set of super remy hair extensions!