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More Details Of Hair

100% human hair raw in bulk from 6–36″ even 40″ (100% un-dyed and unbleached really natural remy Chinese hair or Indian hair; unremy can also be supplied).Bleached and dyed 100% human hair (remy or unremy both) can be supplied at any color/sizes.Machine made or hand tied 100% human hair extension.


Any style and any color you want are available; with standing exporting packing; remy or unremy, natural, bleached and colored.We provide kinds of wigs made of 100% human hair that is hand knotted or machine made.Kinds of keratin hair, pre-bonded hair in any shape and length; curly, both in Chinese hair or Indian hair; remy or unremy, natural color, bleached anddyed.Large quantity of clips hair in any hair length and color as well; both in Chinese remy or Indian remy; natural color or bleached color.Man’s toupee.100% Chinese or Indian human hair by hand made only.Various tools for hair extension, for example, brushes, clips, color rings, glue, micro rings, irons, needles.

Corporate Culture

With years of hard working, our hair business is developing quickly.At present, we have a wide range of hair products to satisfy the customer’s different requirements.In order to follow world markets fashion, we keep researching and providing new products and guarantee the competitive advantages in styles, quality, prices and services.


One of our best customers said humorously, “Your company has become a hair products super market!”Please see more hair products introduction on our website.Any information/requirement from you will be fully considered with reply in time. We hope to cooperate with all the customers all over the world on the basis of“quality dependablecredit first, mutual benefit and sincere cooperation “.

The Factory



Production Process Of  Super Remy Hair

  • The first process of making hair is cutting hair: cutting hair is to cut long hair into the length needed for hair.
  • Collate hair: the two ends of the hair are all neat, the collate hair is put on the iron bar to mix the natural range and the standard length. If it is the color mixing, it is done by this process. The usual dark brown is the color 2/33, which is the mixture of No. 2 hair and 33 color hair. To be uniform, the color that comes out is natural.
  • Weighing: each hairpiece has a specified weight. The weighing is according to the instructions of the hair design, weighing the prescribed hair weight, and then with the rubber band tied up in reserve.
  • Row hair: the row hair machine usually has three heads and a glue box. Put the weighed hair in the row hair mechine to make hair weft. Finally, through the rubber wheel (which will roll the curtain on a layer of wig special glue), the hair curtain is very strong and the wig will not drop.
  • Curtains: the hair weft is very long, which will affect the operation of the next setting process, so the curtain is cut the length of the long hair curtain to not more than the length of the fixed aluminum tube.
  • 6.After treatment: before the hair from the carton are taken out directly, after the treatment is the hair cleaning, put into the wig special nursing solution soaked for 15 minutes, to handle a good silky hair feeling, and then dry water.
  • Modeling: cleaning and handling the hair of good handle can be molded, modeling according to the different styles of hairstyle used by the modeling tools are not the same, the general situation is aluminum tubes, aluminum tubes have big small, so that different sizes of the wig can be made.
  • Packing: well done hair can be packed.
    The same:the same method to make √ Lace Front √ Wigs √ Body wave √ Blonde hair colours√ Clip-in hair extension √ Tape in hair extenions √ Human hair raw √ Mechine hair weft √ Human hair bulk √ Prebond hair extensions √ I tip hair extensions √ U tip hair extenions √ Flat tip hair extensions  √ 6D hair extensions


Born in Shandong province of China, the owner brings nearly three decades of industry expertise to the hair business. Factory roots go back to 2006 when the company started in a small workshop with only nine employees. Today, it employs over 200 staff in two large locations. The main reason the factory has enjoyed stable growth trajectory is due to a core focus on end-user experience coupled with organizational efficiency. The owner’s keen attention to detail at every manufacturing stage has created a culture of care and craftsmanship that the employees are proud to be a part of.

Why Super Remy Hair Extensions?


They are affordable and cause absolutely NO damage to your own hair. You can have longer, thicker, and more beautiful hair than ever before, in just a matter of minutes!

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