Pros and Cons of Human Hair Extension and Synthetic Hair Extension

Pros and Cons of Human Hair Extension and Synthetic Hair Extension
In receiving hair extension service, human hair and synthetic hair are most popular in the hair salons. If properly applied, both kinds of hair extensions can give you the beautiful look you have ever dreamed of. But synthetic and human hair extensions have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

First of all

, human hair has longer life than synthetic hair if being properly cared. Human hair lasts for about 1 year while synthetic hair can stay in good condition for only about 1 to 3 months depending on the quality.


, it is much easier to care human hairs than synthetic hairs. For example, electric dryer can be used to dry up human hair while you can’t do that to synthetic hair. Still, you can also use electrical iron to straighten human hair or use curler to curl the human hair. However, you can’t use these kits to treat synthetic hair in the same way because synthetic hair extensions melt when being exposed to heat.


, human hair can be color treated while synthetic hair can’t. 100% natural human hair allows coloring. While in contrast, coloring is strictly forbidden to be applied on synthetic hair extensions because it will cause damage to the hair texture. But remember that since most human hair extensions are chemically treated, it is better not to dye them.


, human hair extensions look much more natural than synthetic ones. Human hair extensions can blend perfectly with your own hair. And even professional hair stylists don’t have the eye to tell that you are wearing hair extensions. Though synthetic hair extension might also look natural, but they still feel a little bit different from real human hair.


, human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones. Price of human hair extension varies depending on the origin, length, color and quality of the human hairs. Yet 100% human hair extension can be as high as 400 US dollars. In contrast, price of most synthetic hair extensions falls between 50 to 85 US dollars. Therefore, people on tight budget might opt for synthetic hair extensions.

On my own part, I think human hair extension should be preferred. It looks and touches natural and it is easy to care. Though human hair extension might cost more money, it lasts much longer than synthetic ones. So the deal pays off in the long term. In all, I hope the understanding of advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of hair extension will help you make a right decision.

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