How many kinds of hair?

There are five basic types: nail hair (also known as hair keratin, hair clips, hair curtain), viscose hair, woven. The five ways of the knitting technology of each one has his good points, newer, more natural. Basically, each connection can be maintained for three to six months.

The types of subdivision are:

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The receiving time is approximately 3 hours.

  1. before sending and receiving.
  2. first, the hair is divided into V type, and then the hair is picked from one side according to the designed hairstyle. Before bonding, you should cut the hair that is coming up first.
  3. after the whole hair is finished, then the hairstyle is slightly trimmed.

After 4. hours of hair, the hair can be perm, dyed and nourishment for 2 hours.

And all hair color ring: 

Ready for beautiful super remy hair?

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