Human Hair Clip in Extensions – A Different Reason to Try and Dye Them!

Human Hair Clip in Extensions – A Different Reason to Try and Dye Them!

Most women want a natural look when they invest in clip in hair extensions. But there’s another reason for using these popular, easy-to-use beauty accessories. And that’s to wear a look that sets you apart from the crowd in a different way.

I’m talking about using clip in extensions to add highlights, or an extreme colour like bright red, without having to go through the bother of dyeing your own hair. Without damaging it, either.

But before you get all enthusiastic about trying this out, there are a few things you should know first:

Your own hair needs to be shoulder length or longer. If it’s not quite that long, but it is thick enough to hide the clips, you’ll probably be OK.

Extensions work best when your own hair texture is medium to thick. This is so the clips won’t show.

If your hair is really fine, don’t even think about buying clip in extensions unless it’s also long

It’s better if your own hair is in good condition, but not mandatory

Unless you’re really good at cutting hair, be prepared to pay a hairdresser if you need to have your extensions cut to a certain style

The same goes for dyeing the extensions if you get tired of their colour

I’m going to go into some detail about colouring extensions now, so stay with me!

Although it’s true that you can dye human hair extensions, you may not get exactly the colour you had in mind. Why? Because if the hair has already been coloured, you may have to first remove or lighten that colour with hair bleach before applying the hair colour you desire. This risks damaging the hair, and having it dry out just as your own hair would if you over-process it. Alternatively, you could bleach the hair and then use a semi-permanent hair colour that washes out after several shampoos. It’s also a good idea to give your real hair clip in extensions a conditioning treatment from time to time. After all, it is real hair!

OK, but what if your extensions are made of synthetic “hair’? Well, hair dye won’t work. But there is a solution. Shop online, or go to your local beauty product supply store, and buy spray colour for hair. In this instance, you will be able to make darker “hair” extensions lighter without an intermediate phase (i.e., no bleaching required).

Human Hair Extensions – Why Or Why Not?

Do you long for long thick wavy hair, or natural highlights, but you have thin, short or dull hair? You may wish to look into human hair extensions . It seems as if everywhere you look people are changing their styles overnight using hair extensions. So if you can’t wait for your hair to grow, or need that thick luscious sexy hair today, or add natural highlights and thickness to change your style temporarily. Consider human hair extensions.

Once the decision to change has been made , the next thing to consider is how to achieve great looking natural hair, using what kind of hair extension..

Types of hair extensions

– 100% Natural Human Hair,

– synthetic hair – man made hair

– a combination of the real hair and synthetic hair.

Real hair is literally that, 100% natural home grown hair from another person, it will behave the same as your own hair. Synthetic hair is artificial and usually doesn’t hang or move naturally. A combination contains both types of hair, so if often cheaper, but still may not hang quite the way natural hair does.

Real Human hair is the only way to go if you want the hair extension to feel real. It is 100% pure, human  such it can be treated exactly as you would treat your own hair – washing, coloring, perming or straightening can all be done on human hair. Real hair is bought from Europe, Asia, or Russia. If you want the hair extensions to be color matched to your hair you can have it done, or if you want a contrasting highlights that is also possible. A good stylist will choose the best shad match for your hair and highlights. Real hair will fit in with your own hair more naturally, and behave the same as your own hair in the rain or when it is wet. Synthetic hair tends to be “set” in that it comes in a fixed style that will not change when it is wet. You can can a number of months typically 6-9 months from human hair extensions, as long as they are cared for properly. One of the big dangers to human hair extensions is heat, so it is important to provide gentle care to stop them from becoming dry and brittle. It can take a long time to attach these types of hair extensions and it is wise to have it done professionally in a salon.

Synthetic hair looks and feels different to real hair as it is “set” it doesn’t hang the same as natural hair. Synthetic hair does not handle water well and can become tangled easily. This makes it hard to look after as a permanent hair extension.

When considering human hair there are different qualities available. As it is not possible to just collect cut hair from the salon floor. the highest quality providers of human hair take great care to control how it is collected and processed. The hair is carefully cut to keep the strands lined up in the growing direction. This is help with the hair hanging naturally. Hair strands are made up of a number of layers of cells,the outer layer is known as the cuticle, the cuticle cells are like roof tiles overlapping. If the cuticle is complete and undamaged the hair will lock in more moisture and last longer. In the lower grades of hair extension the cuticle is damaged in processing(often by harsh chemicals), leaving the hair brittle. An expert stylist will make sure that the hair extension and your own hair cuticle direction are matched and run in the same direction.

This is one reason the best human hair extensions are the most expensive and the best option for your own hair extensions.

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