How to wash and care your super remy hair?

Washing steps:

  1. In general, the official before cleaning, from bottom to top, comb with special hair comb, from the method to the roots of the hair. If the hair is hard to knot, you need to wash the edge.
  2. preparation of cleaning tools, a basin of water (water temperature at about 30 degrees) and a bottle of shampoo (two shampoos) and a bottle of hair conditioner.
  3. turn the hairs out from the inside out to reveal the inside hairs.
  4. put the hair in the basin, the amount of water to completely do not live a hair, hand gently hold the hair, let the hair completely soaked in the water.
  5. take out the shampoo and squeeze a proper amount of shampoo on your hand. The shampoo of the palm of the hand, stirring in the water, so that the water is completely covered with the hair.
  6. shampoo is evenly distributed over the hair, holding the hair by hand and completely in the water (3-5 minutes for cleaning time). Can not remember the hand wash hair
  7. take out the shelf, put the clean hair on it, put it in a well ventilated position, and dry the hair naturally. Avoid insolation and use a hairdryer to blow dry hair. The hairstyle of the valgus needs to hang upside down to keep its curvature.
  8. hairs can not be dyed. If you need pruning, a professional stylist can be pruned.
  9. when not wearing a hair at the time, put the hair on the shelf, let the hair use a longer term, keep the shape of the hair.

Daily preservation:

  1. When  hairstyles are not worn, wear the collated hair on the scaffold. If a long time without being worn, washed with a hair, a good permeability can be sealed in plastic bags (bags have a small hole), ordinary plastic bags with a needle bag can also wear a few holes.
  2. avoid sunshine and wet environment, pay attention to insect prevention.
  3. if you often wear it, you should also sprinkle a little (do not spray more) a hair special care solution.

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