Top 9 Hair Extension Care Tips

Best Hair Extension Care Tips

Remy hair extensions can be very helpful for women who want to add length to a short hairstyle, women who may be experiencing hair loss or thinning hair and for women who wish to hide a not so flattering hair cut. That being said, many women believe that maintaining them is hard to do but actually it is much easier.

Because these extensions are composed of human hair hey can also be prone to damage just like natural hair. But the difference is that our natural hair can grow while these extensions can not and they also steep in the natural oils that the scalp produces and as a result they become very greasy. Therefore it will be in your best interest to take care of your extensions and follow these care tips to make sure they will last you for months to come.

1) The first tip is to remove knots and tangles by brushing the extension out before you begin washing your hair. You are also going to want to use a quality shampoo and when you apply the shampoo to wash your hair rub it in a downward action. It will also be in your best interest to gradually wet your hair to keep it from drying out, prevent swelling and to also keep the hair from becoming tangled. Once they are wet you need to avoid using a comb or a brush on them because this will cause further damage.

2) Another important piece of advice is to use a brush that has soft bristles and using this brush you are going to want to brush your hair very gently for 2 to 3 times per day.

3) You are also going to avoid using excessive blow dryers and curling irons because the heat from these styling tools can cause damage and reduce your hair extensions life.

4) Moisturizing is a very big part of taking care of hair extensions. To help moisturize your hair you are going to want to use a leave in conditioner once you dry your hair. It is wise to use small amounts of this conditioner because this can cause your extensions greasy too.

5) The best idea is to use hair care products that are suited to your hairstyle. Also, if you plan on going swimming then it would be best to wear a cap. All the chlorine and salt water will only lead to further tangling.

6) Only wear your hair extensions in a pony tail if they were created for that purpose. Other human hair extensions will start to fall out if they are tied into a pony tail.

7) It would be in your best interest to follow the instructions for how to install the extensions you will be using.

8) It is also important to avoid going to be with wet hair. You should also wrap your hair up gently before going to sleep.

9) Avoid perming and only allow a stylist to color your extensions.

By following these tips you can easily maintain and care for your real hair extensions!

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  • Jesse Ford

    Thanks for pointing out that extensions can become greasy, just like natural hair. My wife wants to freshen up her look in time for her birthday in a couple of weeks and is considering getting extensions. This led me to a curiosity about what kind of care extensions need. Thanks for the info!


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