Tape-in Hair Extensions: Everything you need to know

Imagine waking up every morning with your hair looking long, voluminous and gorgeous – ready to head out the door! 

Tape-in extensions are becoming some of the most popular hair extension methods in the beauty industry today. Tape-in extensions are perfect for adding length and volume to your hair, without the damage of other methods of semi-permanent extensions. Super Remy Hair Hair is made from 100% virgin remy hair, the highest quality hair you can find on the market. The extensions are designed to hide and blend seamlessly in your hair. Super Remy Hair Hair tape-ins, when professionally installed, will last you 2 to 3 months and the hair itself will last you 1-2 years with professional removal/re-installation. 

Super Remy Hair hair collaborated to bring you a video highlighting the entire tape-in extension process.  We show you the transformation from shoulder length hair, to long and voluminous bombshell curls. Christy had a combination of 22″ Ash Blonde and 22″ Caramel brown installed into her hair – with a total of 150 grams of hair (3 packs total).

Our tape-ins come in a variety of lengths, colours and styles. If you need assistance picking the right length or colour for your hair, you are welcome to e-mail superremyhair@gmail.com with a photo of your natural hair colour. We will e-mail you back within 1-2 business days with the perfect colour for you.

Here are some guidelines for our customers when asked how many packs to purchase for installations of tape-ins:

For fine/thin hair: We recommend ordering 1-2 packs of hair

For medium hair: We recommend 2-3 packs of hair (3 if you want bombshell hair!)

For thick hair: We recommend at least 3-4 packs of hair

Ordering an extra pack of hair is always a great idea, keeping an extra pack on hand is perfect for ensuring you have the perfect amount of hair for the installation process. If need be, you can use the extra pack for touch-ups or re-installation later on. The trick is to ensure you have enough hair to hide the divide between your natural hair and your extensions. Taking an extra pack with you for installation will ensure your stylist can create a seamless blend. We also recommend ordering a pack of replacement tape, just in case you need to re-tape any pieces in between salon visits.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to e-mail superremyhair@gmail.com 

So here we go! Let’s watch the tape-ins process from start to finish~

Click the video below to see our Super Remy Hair Hair tape-ins in action:

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