Best Virgin Hair Companies : 7 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Choose a hair only for remy hair?

I believe most people are familiar and strange to the hair, we know the hair, but what is the application scene of the hair, how to choose a good hair, and why the hair is so expensive, I am suitable for wearing a hair and so on.

As a student who has been engaged in the hair industry for many years, it has decided to give you some common sense of the hair from today, hoping to help the students who are interested in the hair.

The first lesson, “how to choose the material of a hair”

Hair quality classification of hairs and the advantages and disadvantages of each classification

Hair can be divided into three categories according to hair quality: chemical fiber hair, mixed hair and human hair.

Chemical fibrils hair

It can be divided into two categories: cryogenic silk and Gao Wensi

1, low temperature silk with high temperature silk feel closer to true hair, but because it is not resistant to high temperature, it is not suitable for repeated modeling (high temperature is easy to burn), so the application degree is not high temperature wire.

2, high temperature and low temperature than the silk hair slightly a little rough, high temperature resistant, repeatable styling, feel silky soft and bright.

Whether it is low temperature or high temperature wire wire, there are hair frizz problems.

At present, there are many factories producing high temperature wire on the market. The main producing areas are China, Korea and Japan. The quality order approved in the industry is Japan > Korea > China, especially Japan Futura is the most outstanding. The professional engaged in the production of artificial fiber filament for many years, the production of chemical fiber quality in the industry, every year limited Therefore, a hairs who want to pursue high quality products will have to place an order with them for a long time.

The difference in filament yarn produced by different manufacturers and producing areas is mainly reflected in the evenness, durability, high temperature, fidelity and so on. With the development of science and technology, some high-end Japanese fiber manufacturers have tried to add protein in the hair to make it close to the real hair.

Mixed hair

It’s the hair that is mixed with the silk and the real hair.


1, compared with good real hair, the price is relatively low.

2, combined with the advantages of chemical fiber and human hair, it is heat resistant, reusable and realistic.


Easy static electricity

It’s less durable than a good real hair hair

Real life hair

Human hair is divided into: unremy hair, remy hair Paul hair scales.

First, let me explain to you briefly the three concepts of human life:

1, unremy hair: it’s also called floor hair, which is simply broken, when it combs hair, it naturally shedding on the ground, or some poor quality fine hair. Because the hair, so hair are not correctly aligned.

2, remy hair: the braid hair is to be scalded, the hair is not scalded, the whole braid is cut down (so the length, the first and the end), because the scales have been removed, so the feel of the hand is very smooth.

3, cuticle hair: untreated scourge hair, hair requirements and smooth hair is exactly the same, the only difference is to retain the hair itself scales, though the hair is less than the hair, but because the scale is an important part of the protection of hair, so the scale is very durable, and is the most expensive in all hair.

Ready for beautiful super remy hair?

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