Burn test; how to know if your weave is 100% human hair !

Second to choose a hair only to choose a real person hair?

Last class, I’d like to share with you the classification and characteristics of hair hair.

We simply review:

The hair quality of hair can be divided into chemical fiber, mixed hair and cuticle hair.

Human hair is mainly divided into: cuticle hair, REMY HAIR, Unremy hair hair scales.

We will continue to explain this lesson from the aspects of price and practicality.

In our concept of hidden layer, we must choose a cuticle hair for a hair, and a hair for a real person is a good hair.

From the perspective of probability, there is no mistake in this concept. It has an unparalleled advantage in every aspect. But there are many kinds of real life hair, different human hair costs are not the same, good human hair cost is usually quite expensive. For some students who just have a try on the hair, this price usually makes them prohibitive, and there are some congenital malpractices in real life hair fake, such as not holding the shape. Wait for a long time. Therefore, from the perspective of practical application, the concept of selecting a hair for real life is actually narrow minded. It’s the right way to choose hair that is suitable for your application needs.

Second, how to select the material of hair under different needs?


Human hair is mainly divided into: cuticle hair, REMY HAIR, Unremy hair hair scales.

We will explain and compare these human hair from the following three aspects.


Although the same is human hair, but the price of unremy hair ,remy hair and cuticle hair difference is very big, usually between 4-5 times, and the longer the hair, the heavier the weight, the price difference is also bigger (because the long hair is very rare).


Because the unremy hair is a broken hair, so the durability can be imagined, very fragile, no use, the use of life of about 3 months, remy hairabout half a year, the cuticle hair about 1 years, good CIS hair and scaly hair use time will be a little longer.

Reusable degree

Needless to say, unremy hair is the weakest, and send cuticle hair the strongest In fact,no matter which way to compare, it is unremy hair < remy hair < cuticle hair, and the different between them is very big, so it is not a hair as long as it is true hair, everything is easy to worry about.

2 chemical fiber PK human hair

The last lesson introduced the silk fiber and the human hair, and made a simple comparison of the several categories of them. Below, we compare the filament and the human hair from the perspective of practical application.

From the current technology perspective, no matter how the contrast is, it is all about chemical fiber.

But with practical application, there are different conclusions.

1, modeling persistence

Cuticle hair comes from people’s hair, so they have the same drawback as our hair, that is, it doesn’t last, like we go to a hairdresser to scald a curly hair. After a period of time, it becomes the same. So if you want Star’s large hair, you’d better not choose pure hair, because it will last for a long time.

  1. Repetitions of modeling

Silk fiber and cuticle hair can be repeated, the number of cuticle hair repetition will be higher than the chemical fiber, but the number of repetitions of human hair will also greatly reduce its life.

  1. Hair color persistence

Because the chemical fiber is its own color, so the good chemical fiber silk does not have the lighter color of the wash, but the cuticle hair, because the color is after dyed, as our hair, there will be the color of the more wash and lighter situation, especially the most serious unremy hair, and unremy hair because of its weak hair, so some very shallow Color (as granny ash) can’t be dyed.

To sum up, although the real life is better than the high temperature wire, it is not always the best choice for different applications.

Ready for beautiful super remy hair?

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