Before And After Human Hair Extensions

Hair extension

Delivery is a recent hairstyle technology introduced by Europe. As the name implies, the hair receives the hair from his own true hair, and instantly reaches the change from short hair to long. The hair that is used can be a wig or a real hair.

There are two kinds of mechanism wig and handmade wig. The materials used are chemical fiber wire and two kinds of hair. The fiber is mainly PVC, PET, and the flame retardant and non flame retardant silk can be distinguished according to the added flame retardant. The wig to Hui brand representative. International in Japan Carney Caron (KANEKALON) quality trends. The human hair wig is divided according to its use: the hair piece (hair piece, toupee), the header (wig, lace wig, full lace wig, front).


The real hair is more real, smooth, easy operation and easy to do the dyeing and perm care, it is now more widely used. Then the principle is very simple, is to put the processed real hair grafting to the original hair. Hair needs to be divided into several areas, and then a lock of a lock and together, is a kind of “working slowly and deliberately”. It can satisfy the appetite of young people who want to grow short, thick and long hair without baking color oil to achieve Depart Dyeing effect. But if the length of your hair is too short (the standard inch), then you can try the belt hair, and the hair is shorter than the other type of hair.

Different types of delivery, then the way to send the way is also different, some types of delivery must be done by the professional hairdresser, and some only need their own operation, such as: clip hair and so on. Hair is divided into two kinds: real hair and silk fiber. You can choose according to your preferences. Hair can be perm, dyed hair and nutrition care, and easy to comb. Although the fiber is colourful, it is not easy to comb. In order to coordinate the color of the connected hair with the natural hair root, the sticky wax is divided into four kinds, black, purple, red and yellow, according to the difference of each person’s hair color.

If your hair wants to grow from short to long or by Bo Bianhou, and the choice is true hair, then the price is about 1000 yuan -2500 yuan according to the length of the connection. If you just change the two locks to change your mood, the price is about 250 yuan. If you choose fiber, the price will be slightly lower.

If you are tired of getting long hair or colorful hair, the stylist will take them off with professional special medicine. If you often use alkaline shampoo when you wash your hair, your hair will fall off naturally.


There are five basic types: prebond hair, clip in hair, hair weft., Tape in hair extensions ,The five ways of the knitting technology of each one has his good points, newer, more natural. Basically, each way can keep three to six months.


There are three main types of hair salon now popular: hair, and hair braiding adhesive buttons. The three ways of the knitting technology of each one has his good points, newer, more natural. Basically, each way can keep three to six months.

There are two main types of hair salon now popular: sending and receiving adhesive buttons.

The hair is divided into a small strand of hair, about 10 to 20 hair, and then with keratin rich viscose, put on the root of a little strand of hair, take the same hair in the right place, and quickly connect the hair to the root of the true hair, about one centimeter from the hair. The binder will coagulate quickly, so that a long strand of hair will pick up. If you don’t need it in the future, you need to go to the salon to make the hairdresser heating, dissolve the glue, or use the special washing water to put it on the joint.

The button is also divided into a small strand of hair, with a special button to connect the long hair fixed to the root of the true hair, the head of the hair will naturally fall and cover the button. Take advantage of this is that this will not, can more easily remove buttons and long hair.

Recently, a new type of scratch – free adhesive was developed. The effect is the best at present.


The receiving time is approximately 3 hours.

before sending and receiving.

2., the first step is to divide the hair into V font, and then pick up a little bit from the side according to the designed hairstyle. First, cut the hair to be cut before bonding.

after all the hair is done, trim the hair according to its hairstyle.

4., after the hair comes out for 2 hours, you can have perms, hair coloring and nutrition care at any time.


The right hair can be kept for 3 months under the correct care, but you must do the following things.

comb your hair every day. The comb must be round and wide. Do not exert too much force when combing, otherwise it will cause hair loss.

shampoo and hair conditioner must be acidity.

do not spend too much time in the sun.

do not blow away when the hairdryer too close to the hair root.

do not rub and knead the root when shampooing.

6., the wig needs regular nursing: the wig that the professional wig bought can be sent back regularly and cleaned with professional detergent. If you buy it in a general store, you can use nourishing shampoo. First, the hair is soaked in cold water for a few minutes. After changing the water, it dripped 2 drops of shampoo. After mixing it with hands, the bubbles will be good. Finally, put it in the ventilating place and dry naturally.

in hand with a regular spray: one of the uneasiness of the hair, is not to comb the hair, especially after the wind is messed up, the more anxious more combed, the hair is very easy to be crazy. SHUNFA spray in hand is much more convenient, can dredge the fingers.

Before And After Human Hair Extensions

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