Marketing of Wigs and Hair Extension Services

Marketing of Wigs and Hair Extension Services
There is now a considerable amount of people who are in need of wigs or toupees. These people aren’t only confined to fifty-year-olds with receding hairs. As a matter of fact, wearing wigs and receiving hair extension service have become quite a fashion in current scenarios.

And to cater for the surging demand for wigs, there are now professional companies devoted to dealing in wholesale wigs and providing hair extension services. Yet only right marketing strategy can help fully tap the potential of this budding market.

First of all, you should avail the wig wearers enough new options. Make sure the wig style you deal in is in complicity with latest trend. For this, wigs wholesalers have to consult the hair factory and always stay at the fore of fashion trend. After all fashion setters will always be popular with people. Still, if you want to provide hair extension service, do keep close track with the newest hair extension techniques such as clip-on, taped, bonded and glued techniques. The service provider can enter into relationship with local hair salons to promote the service.

Then after securing that your wig products and hair extension service is the best, you have to find the channels to promote them. In this regard, you have to make full use of all kinds of popularity mediums including printed brochures and fashion magazines, infomercials and ads, e-mail marketing and website promotion. For example, if you deal in hair extensions wholesale, you can disseminate fashion magazines with full color image showing what cool hair style one gets after receiving hair extension service. Or if you want nationwide influence instead of being confined to locality, e-mail marketing and website promotion will be your choices. In doing this, you have to tell the potential clients the full range of services you provide, details of products including makeover photos, samples and product or service catalogs.

Last but least, pricing strategy can also be important. Before you decide pricing strategy, you really should study the wig and hair extension service market in the locality. But you don’t necessarily have to follow the pricing strategy of other’s pricing strategy. This is especially true when you are the only wigs and hair extension providers in the local market.

To sum it up, wigs and hair extensions wholesale are business which worth a try. And I believe the marketing tips in my article will give you some useful help.

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