How to Make Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions

How to Make Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions
Things You’ll Need:
Wax paper
Keratin glue sticks
Hair weft
Fusion finger guards
Melting pot
Heating tool

If you want human hair extensions but can’t find any in the specific color or length that you need since it’s hard to find them over 22 inches long, you can try making your own pre-tipped hair extensions. Pre-tipped hair extensions are tipped with keratin adhesive that you melt onto your own hair with a fusion tool that melts the adhesive.

These types of adhesives are ideal because each small section is coated, making them less likely to shed.
Pre-tipped hair extensions include Nail Tip, also called U-tip hair extension and Stick Tip, also called I-tip hair extension. It can be removed from your hair so easily without causing any damage to your natural hair.


1 Spread some wax paper out on your table so the freshly-tipped extensions won’t stick to the surface. Use scissors to cut the solid keratin adhesive sticks into the fusion melting pot, which you can purchase specifically for making pre-tipped hair extensions. Find these supplies at a beauty supply store.

2 Cut the bound end of the hair weft that you purchased into 1/16 inch wide sections or smaller. The width of the sections need to be very small to prevent shedding. This process will take time, but will result in a better quality hair extension. The hair wefts can be real human hair or synthetic.

3 Put some fusion finger guards on the tips of your fingers to protect them from the heat of the melted glue. Lower each bound end of the extension (the end that will be attached to your real hair) into the melted keratin glue to 3/4 of an inch. Pull it out slowly and roll the end of the coated tip into a point with your fingers.

4 Place each freshly-tipped extension onto the wax paper to let it cool. Repeat this process 200 to 250 more times for a full head of individual extensions. To keep the strands in order and prevent them from getting lost or tangled, hold them together with a ponytail holder.

5 Pin upper section of your hair out of the way. Attach each extension to your hair by applying heat to each lower section with the special heating tool. The heating tool melts the keratin adhesive, which bonds the tip of the extension to your real hair. Place the extensions in an even line in small sections of your hair close to your scalp, but not close enough to burn yourself. You may need a friend to help you

with the back of your head.

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