Choose Suitable Type of Hairs to Do Hair Extensions

Choose Suitable Type of Hairs to Do Hair Extensions
As fashion is always changing in accordance with different seasons and different places, numerous girls and even some boys are fond of hair extensions to design satisfactory and fashionable total looks, following the current fashion tendency. However, though hair extensions are popular nowadays, there are still many people in lack of necessary knowledge and make wrong purchase decisions about hair extensions. Therefore, it is really full of significance to gain some basic knowledge to choose the suitable type of hairs to do hair extensions.

It is clear to see that there are various types of relevant products in the current market that people can hardly pick out the best one without any useful information.

1. Synthetic hair

This is an artificial product which can keep original shapes after being washed. But users cannot knead them with hands when washing or the hairs will stick together. Synthetic hairs are easy to comb and quick to dry, so that many people would like to choose them to dress up themselves. In order to distinguish the high-quality products from the bad one, users can make use of fire to check. The shorter the fire lasts and the fewer the residues are, the better the products are.

2. Human hair

When coming to human hairs, most people rest assured about both the quality and the verisimilitude. Human hairs may be out of shapes after being washed. Therefore, users have to make up minds to deal with their styles after finishing human hair extensions. The price of human hairs is high, but with the other features like gloss, soft, elastic and with nothing harmful, human hairs still are attractive to many fashionable people. Human hairs can be distinguished by just seeing appearances and touch hairlines.

3. The mix of synthetic hairs and human hairs

Just as the name, this kind of wig is the mix of the above two hairs. When the two hairs are put together, the products will be equipped with the characteristics of the both but a little cheaper than real human hairs extensions.

Although the wigs for hair extensions have just three kinds, it should be considered carefully before making decisions. The first part should be taken into consideration is whether they match my style. If not, the whole looking will be strange. The following aspect is the quality. If I want to keep such hair style for a long time, I have to choose high-quality products to ensure the durability. Of course, the price also makes sense. I will choose hairs with reasonable price.

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