Hair Extension, a Beautiful Choice

As is known to all, hairs are part of our appearance. Therefore, the quality and styles of hairs are closely related to one’s appearance and personality, especially for girls. Beauty is the nature of girls. Almost every girl focuses on her hairs very much, such as styles, quality, hair care and so on. For girls, they always want to show the best of them to others. They hope that they can be the changeable queen and have the hair style they like at any time. However, as we know, hairs are fragile. On the one hand, they can’t bear the frequent perming and dying in a very short time. On the other hand, hairs grow not so fast that they can’t satisfy girls’ frequent style changes. But now, a new technology has solved all these problems, and it is human hair extensions.

The hair extension is extending people’s hairs with some other hairs. It can make people’s hairs longer and more beautiful. Recently, there are a lot of people confused about the materials of theses hairs. In fact, there are two kinds of the materials. One is synthetic hair made of fiber. The other one is real hair. Different kinds of hairs have different advantages and disadvantages. For the artificial hairs, they are much cheaper than the real hairs and they have a bright color. However, it is convenient to comb them and sometimes, the hairs have a static tendency that can make hairs seem frizzier. For the real hairs, they can be dyed, permed, and health cared. At the same time, they are easier to comb, but they are so expensive that not all people can afford them.

For me, I have a tendency to choose the real hairs if I want to do the hair extensions. First, I think the real hairs will be more comfortable and well accepted on a psychological level. Moreover, the real hairs are much easier to be taken care of and do the hairstyles I like. In addition, because the material is real hairs, I think they can have a long lifetime until I don’t want to wear them.

In a word, you can choose which material according to your conditions. But no matter which one you choose, you should know some information about how to take care of them. Only in this way, can the hairs show the best of them. Human hair extensions are a new fashion which makes beauty much easier. I want everyone who wants to be a changeable queen will grasp this fashion and show her own excellence!

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