For Hair Extensions accept customer’s made such as micro tape hair extensions

Stable supply, reliable quality, preferential price and after-sale guarantee

1. Contrast is the only way to have a good supply. Our details are better handled. A good quality supply can make you more worry-free.

2. Perfect team, able to provide good service! Customers can customize if they have special needs!

Third, we are manufacturer direct sales, first-hand supply, small profits, more sales, more preferential prices, more profit margins for customers!

Fourth, we are a strong manufacturer, after SGS certification, 15 days without reason to return, lifelong free maintenance, to give you a strong after-sales guarantee!


1. Default DHL/FEDEX. If you need any other express, please contact customer service for reimbursement of freight.

2. Air transport can not send liquid items, DHL/FEDEX need to be sent, please do not take a picture of the liquid oh.

3. We try our best to ensure that the order will be sent out on the same day. Special circumstances such as statutory holidays result in delayed delivery, please understand!


In order to serve customers more intimately, we will launch customized services for some products. Because of the special customized process and size requirements, customized products will not be returned. You may rest assured that we have not received a refund from our customized customers. If we are not satisfied, we can repair the after-sale products free of charge for minor problems.


1. Size is manual measurement, because of different measuring tools and methods, there will be some errors.

2. Photographs are taken in kind, because of light and display and other reasons will produce color aberration, which can not be avoided, please know.

3. Customized goods design and production cycle will be longer, about 20-30 days.


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