How To Apply False Lashes

How To Apply False Lashes

Ladies, the Cashmere Lashes have launched and I want to be the first to tell you – they are magical! When I got mine in the mail I immediately thought they looked absolutely gorgeous. Light, fluffy, high quality… then I put them on and was re-assured, these are my new favorite lashes! Today, I’m going to share all about Cashmere’s newest product, as well as how to apply false lashes for any beginners out there. Let’s get into it!

All About Cashmere Lashes

With the six different lash styles in this launch, there is truly something for everyone. For my first two sets, I chose the Doheny and Camden. My style is more of a natural, wispy false lash, and both of these absolutely nailed it. I could hardly believe how natural yet absolutely stunning they were!

Check out the below graphic for a bit about each set. Cashmere’s false lashes range from the full-bodied and dramatic Brighton, to the wispy yet uber-fluffy Wilshire. Like I said, there’s truly something for every lash wearer.

When you receive your lashes in the mail they will come adorably packaged in a pretty black bag – so convenient! I’m a sucker for good packaging, and Cashmere did not skimp on the details – the lashes come in a gorgeous pink box to store them in when you’re not wearing them.

How To Apply False Lashes

So you’ve selected your lash set, waited patiently for them to arrive – now it’s time to flaunt those gorgeous lashes! Next up, I’ll teach you how to apply false lashes for a perfectly glamorous look. If you’ve never worn lashes before, don’t be discouraged by your first try – it can take a bit of practice. Once you master how to apply false lashes, I promise you’ll be able to almost do it in your sleep.

(Need a hairstyle to go along with your new lashes? Check out this one or this one for a fully done-up look!)


Carefully peel back the lashes from the case. I prefer to do this from the longer end first, since that’s the side you’ll be trimming before you apply the false lashes. You can use your fingers or tweezers for this step!


Place the lashes loosely on your lash line to determine if they need trimming. At minimum, you’ll want to trim the access strip off (refer to the video to see this done). Some people need to trim more off to fit their eye shape. If you do need to trim more, always do it from the strip side, not the lash side. It’s less noticeable, and you won’t accidentally trim the actual lashes!


Once you’ve gotten your false lashes measured and trimmed, it’s time to apply the glue. If your natural lashes are on the straighter side, you can prep them by using a lash curler. This will help blend your natural lashes with the falsies.

I like to put on a light coat of mascara and letting that dry before applying false lashes – to give them something to hold onto! My natural lashes aren’t super thick so I feel this gives the glue something to hold onto.


Apply a thin layer of lash glue over the top strip of each lash. Make sure to apply from corner to corner, covering the entire band. I like to do a bit extra on the inner and outer corner as well.

Then we have possibly the most crucial step in how to apply false lashes: wait and let the glue get tacky. Applying false lashes with wet glue is be a nightmare because it won’t hold onto anything! So give it thirty to sixty seconds to dry a bit before moving on to the next step.

While your glue is drying you can loosen up the lash – making it more flexible and easy to apply – by wiggling it from corner to corner. This will make sure it has that rounded shape to fit your eye.


Once your glue is tacky, it’s time to apply your false lashes! Try to get the lashes as close to the base of your lash line as possible, without getting it on your eyelid. You want them applied to your natural lashes, not your skin.

I prefer to center the lashes first, then once it’s centered I fix the inner and outer corner appropriately. Check out the video to see exactly how I do it!


Once the lashes are fully on, it’s time to press together your natural lashes with the falsies to bond them together. Some like to do this with their fingers and others with tweezers. Whichever you are most comfortable with works!

  1. LIFT.

As the final step, you’ll want to uplift the lashes. To do this gently push up against the lashes on the inner lash line with the side of your finger. Do not use a lash curler.

Well girls – happy styling! I hope you found this tutorial useful and informative. Like I said earlier, don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few tries to get right – the results are well worth it, and you’ll get the hang of things in no time!

For this How To Apply False Lashes tutorial, I’m wearing the Camden set – I’ll link them for you here if you want to recreate the exact look!