Super Remy Hair Best Quality Cuticle Hair Double Drawn Tape In Hair Extensions

I’ve been using Supers tape-in hair extensions for 2 and-a-half years. Today, I’m going to talk about everything from the process of putting them in and maintenance to the cost. I’ll share a before and after and answer your questions, too.

Supers hair extensions use a medical grade adhesive that bonds to the hair. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and water resistant. A few of my friends used these extensions years ago and loved them. When she took them out, they didn’t cause any damage to her hair – something I was so worried about since my hair is fine to begin with. Having fine hair is something I’ve never felt too great about, and I hate to admit this, but It’s something I’ve felt anxious and sad about. I tried fusion extensions years ago and they caused so much damage, so that was a big concern for me.

These extensions are a bit of a process if you’re not used to going into the salon every 4-6 weeks, but as someone who prefers an easier beauty regimen, I’d say they feel as easy as hair extensions can. If you have fine hair, I can’t recommend them enough. The cost and time is so worth it to me, because having hair extensions has truthfully completely changed the way I feel day-to-day. I love them and couldn’t be happier.

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