With so many different hair extensions available on the market today, how do you choose the right one for you… If quality is of utmost importance, then Remy human hair extensions is the way to go.

The word “Remy” refers to the method used to manufacture and assemble the hair extensions, ensuring its unilateral direction from root to tip, which is why Remy human hair is the preferred choice for hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces.

You may have heard of companies using human hair or even remy hair in their hair pieces or extensions, but unless it’s 100% remy human hair, it could be a combination of human hair that is not aligned from root to tip when collected which ultimately causes matting and tangling, regardless of whether it’s human hair or combination.

Remy hair’s superior qualities are due to the method in which the hair strands are aligned in the natural direction as it grew, ensuring the natural feel, pattern, texture and cuticle direction.

All Super Remy Hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair, which has been carefully sorted after collection to establish its remarkable quality. With over 100 different styles ranging in the widest selection of colors, weight and length, Super Remy Hair’s Remy hair extensions provide trendsetting solutions for those looking to enhance their look on an occasional basis with clip-ins, as well as for longer wear with tape-ins and bundles without having to compromise quality

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