Clip in hair extensions easy

Clip in Easy

Hair exetension is a mainstream product in foreign countries. It is easy to use and comfortable, and can operate by itself.

The equipment for making curtain is called three online. It is something similar to sewing machine. The three heads work together, glue to the side, glue the thread to glue. The curtains are as long as the lines, cut off according to customer needs. General terms of purchase: a few ounces of (1 ounces =31.1034768 grams), or 1 meters of weight. It is required that the ingredients are a number of ingredients, such as 16, 14.12, three batching, the percentage of each size, if it is a hair material, so that the cost of the product can be greatly reduced. [1]

After the curtain is ready, it is generally necessary to do post-processing. Chemical fiber is usually made from P oil, C oil and KM722 produced in Korea. Protein fiber is usually made from P oil, Q oil and L oil produced in Korea. These names are all weird. They are actually meant to be heard by laymen. 90% of the world’s wig products are made in China, which is common sense. China’s wig factories are mainly concentrated in: Qingdao, Xuchang, Yiwu, Guangdong, Tianjin.

The cost of making curtain is almost decided by material money. The price of human hair is mainly different from the length of hair. The proportion of mixed hair determines the price.

The raw material cost of all the factories is almost the same, the hair curtain manufacturing process is the same. Because of the lack of scale sellers, the machine production is very large, the temporary energy of the sales of the wig factory is not in the domestic, so the domestic business is not very ideal.

So there was a new term for “sending out”.

It’s like the “baked oil”. It has been more than ten years since computer typing or newspaper printing did not “bake”. Now there is.

More new technology, ready to visit the YouTube website, lost in “hair extension“, view operation tutorial, estimated that there are hundreds of videos.

Edit the use method of the sending piece

Very simple methods of operation:

First, the small black clip on the top of the receiving film is opened. The clip used for receiving the film is usually made of stainless steel sheet and has a certain elasticity. Opening will have a “pop” sound; so in some places it is also called a popping clip.

Two, next is to comb out their hair, disorderly hair is not conducive to the wear and tear of the film.

Three, tie up the top part of your hair and place the open black clip in the position you want to fix.

Four, put down the strapped hair; finally, in order to hide the beauty and delivery, you need to comb the hair with the wig again with the comb.

Note: you can adjust the length of your hair. I hope the long hair can adjust the position of the clip to the next point. Hope that the short point can be fixed in the direction of the clip in hair extensions.

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