Own brand wholesale top quality handmade real 3D mink eyelash


1.The lashes on the tray ,we could design and make any package style you want.

2.Cotton band can be resued 25-30 times.

3.3D effect can be maintained for 3 years.

4.Made of 100% siberian mink fur.

5.Clear band more soft and comfortable.

6.The high quality

7.The shortest producing time.

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Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Eyelashes style

L001, L002, L003, L004, L005, L006, L007, L008, L009, L010, L011, L012, L013, L014, L015, L016, L017, L018, L019, L020, L021, L022, L023, L024, L025, L026, L027, L028, L029, L030, L031, L032, L033, L034, L035, L036, L037, L038, L039, L040, L041, L042, L043, L044, L045, L046, L047, L048, L049, L050, L051, L052, L053, L054, L055, L056, L057, L058, L059, L060, L061, L062, L063, L064, L065, L066, L067, L068, L069, L070, L071, L072, L073, L074, L075, L076, L077, L078, L079, L080


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